Борис Иванов (boris_ivanov) wrote,
Борис Иванов

Реально полезный сервис

Компания "Fake Internet Girlfriend" предлагает следующее:

We charge a flat fee of $250 per month, for your basic girlfriend package, which includes setting up a profile on a social networking site like Facebook to publicly communicate with you and making up to 2 public phone calls (ie: to your secretary to leave you a message) or leaving voice mails for you in any given month. This package also includes friendly texts up to 10 times a month at any given dates and times you specify.

Это, однако, стандартная, не особенно интересная услуга. А вот это уже что-то:

For more in-depth or specialized services like the gamer girl package, we charge about $350 per month. Basically this gets you a girlfriend who becomes involved in your gaming community such as World of Warcraft, Everquest II or Evony. The gamer girl package costs slightly more than the basic girlfriend package simply because it typically requires more time than our basic girlfriend services and it also requires employing staff that has specific and unique knowledge of the game in question. In fact, you can even have your girlfriend join your guild, level up a character and even go on raids with you. Just let us know when you contact us exactly what you are looking for in a gamer girlfriend.

По-моему, перспективная идея. Оплачиваемая женщина, играющая с вами в интернет-игры. Кому нужна проституция, если есть такая услуга?
Tags: игры, прикол, секс, финансы
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